I got a bit crazy buying stuff...

Last night I thought I wanted to buy just one Love Live Birthday Figure (Nico's) but ended up getting ALL of them except Honoka's which is not up for pre-order yet... Spent a ridiculous amount of money

I still couldn't believe it. Hopefully all of my little beauties get mailed to me without any problems, fingers crossed!


Busy holidays

Me visiting friends, friends visiting me... It's been really busy. I didn't even really have time to do the EN SIF Nico event

Will pick up shrine construction again shortly.

Hope everyone have a happy new year and a prosperous 2016!

Nozomi Shrine opens

Nozomi Shrine is open!

The layout is quite a bit more challenging to do than the Rin Shrine but I think the extra effort was worth it.

Rin Hoshizora Shrine opens!

Yep it's open (too tired to type much more) ......... http://susume-lovelive.wix.com/love-live#!rin-hoshizora-shrine/oaob7

Looks like Rin sort of won the popularity contest by having the most comments about her, so I built her shrine first. Enjoy!

Next on the list- Nozomi and Maki.

Starting to collect graphics materials for Love Live character minishrines

Thanks to some new comments, I think I have an idea of at least how to get started. (Have to get started somewhere!)

I'm going to start collecting screengrabs, probably not off of my blu-ray discs or off of Crunchyroll streamed episodes since I did that for the main character intro pages and it took just about forever......... I probably will look through LL Wikia's collection to save time, and then actual hunt for specific grabs if I still can't find the exact shots I'm looking for.

One thing I know is that these new pages will have to be done very differently than the main intro pages or it would get boring. I'll have to come up with some creative-looking arrangements, probably changing things around as I get new ideas.
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