Rin Hoshizora Shrine opens!

Yep it's open (too tired to type much more) ......... http://susume-lovelive.wix.com/love-live#!rin-hoshizora-shrine/oaob7

Looks like Rin sort of won the popularity contest by having the most comments about her, so I built her shrine first. Enjoy!

Next on the list- Nozomi and Maki.

Starting to collect graphics materials for Love Live character minishrines

Thanks to some new comments, I think I have an idea of at least how to get started. (Have to get started somewhere!)

I'm going to start collecting screengrabs, probably not off of my blu-ray discs or off of Crunchyroll streamed episodes since I did that for the main character intro pages and it took just about forever......... I probably will look through LL Wikia's collection to save time, and then actual hunt for specific grabs if I still can't find the exact shots I'm looking for.

One thing I know is that these new pages will have to be done very differently than the main intro pages or it would get boring. I'll have to come up with some creative-looking arrangements, probably changing things around as I get new ideas.

Forthcoming site updates

I have some wallpapers and fanmade items to upload, just don't have time to do it for the time being. Gonna try doing it before November rolls around.

Tell me all about your Love Live best girl!

Tell me everything you love about your Love Live best girl!

Susume Love Live is expanding, and you can help!

I'm planning on building mini-shrines to all 9 members of μ's, based on your inputs.

After all, the people who knows each of the members best are their loyal fans!

By replying, you're giving me permission to use your ideas and thoughts on a LL website. If you would rather remain anonymous or prefer another mode of credit other than an account name, please specify.

Yes, multiple writeups welcomed. I'm personally split Honoka / Nico

No word limit, I do not plan to simply cut-paste but to gather input. Please comment on this post to submit your writings and ideas (hit "comments" link after the post).

Thanks in advance :)

p.s. Please describe in non-plot-specific terms

Here is an example of what someone has written to me, just to give you some ideas. Of course, it can be as short or as long as you want (Many thanks to EienLive at Love LIve Wikia for sharing this!):

Sonoda Umi

I honestly don't really know what drived me to love her as much as I do now actually ouo" Our first meeting began on late August 2014, on the same day I was introduced to SIF, and subsequently Love Live! itself. I picked her as my starting character without really feeling anything yet.. I'm just like, "Oh, look.. A blue-haired girl. I'mma pick her.". Everything begins from there, so I guess my meeting with Umi is what got me into Love Live!.

Everything happened so fast, I barely could grasp the fact of how much time had flown as I spent time with her on SIF. We would do lives together, fail together, succeed together, train, sweat and laugh together, as we pushed ourselves through each level of songs. At this one time, I fell into a deep depression after believing that I have no talent for SIF despite all my hard works and trainings.

Later that night, I dreamt of being in front of the stage where Muse first performed Start:Dash. I saw Muse there, cheering me up from the stage which was then followed with them performing Start:Dash in front of my very eyes, with Umi as the center for some apparent reason... ^^" I clearly remembered what she had said to me in that dream. "You're no longer striving alone.. I'm here for you.. We're here for you.. Believe in us and believe in yourself.. And you will shine brighter than any star in the Universe! We're one with you, and now you're one with us.. Welcome to Muse!" And then, I woke up from my dream with tears falling from my cheek ;w; Thankfully, my parents didn't watch me cry at that moment, so yeah.. ouo

I believe what I'm trying to say is that the story I wrote together with Umi-chan is what I treasure the most from her. Her mere existence gave my whole life a new meaning, new dreams to strive to, and I had much more fun with her than I ever did with any imaginary characters I've met so far. I'm glad that I met Umi, and I do hope she's too ~ ^ u ^

As for some extra, her long beautiful blue hair is a big plus for me ~ Her personalities are both something I am, and something I strived to become. She's in quite a lot of ways similar to me in terms of persona. Shy.. Unable to voice her opinions and thoughts at the right time.. Strict to the rules.. And practices secretly for the upcoming future ouo

While at the same time, she also has the personas I strived to become. Strong.. Diligent.. Hardworking.. Dependable.. Artistic (In a way or two). But what I liked the most about her is her ability to become a wonderful person loved by all, both on the outside and the inside. Which got me thinking.. If another person as shy and as awkward as me can shine so bright as an individual, why couldn't I? And like what I said once to a friend of mine in this Wikia, " Seeing her shine on the stage, it only makes me want to reach her level, or better, surpass her. When I think of that, we're some kind of rival, don't you think? ^ ^ "

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