Tell me all about your Love Live best girl!

Tell me everything you love about your Love Live best girl!

Susume Love Live is expanding, and you can help!

I'm planning on building mini-shrines to all 9 members of μ's, based on your inputs.

After all, the people who knows each of the members best are their loyal fans!

By replying, you're giving me permission to use your ideas and thoughts on a LL website. If you would rather remain anonymous or prefer another mode of credit other than an account name, please specify.

Yes, multiple writeups welcomed. I'm personally split Honoka / Nico

No word limit, I do not plan to simply cut-paste but to gather input. Please comment on this post to submit your writings and ideas (hit "comments" link after the post).

Thanks in advance :)

p.s. Please describe in non-plot-specific terms

Here is an example of what someone has written to me, just to give you some ideas. Of course, it can be as short or as long as you want (Many thanks to EienLive at Love LIve Wikia for sharing this!):

Sonoda Umi

I honestly don't really know what drived me to love her as much as I do now actually ouo" Our first meeting began on late August 2014, on the same day I was introduced to SIF, and subsequently Love Live! itself. I picked her as my starting character without really feeling anything yet.. I'm just like, "Oh, look.. A blue-haired girl. I'mma pick her.". Everything begins from there, so I guess my meeting with Umi is what got me into Love Live!.

Everything happened so fast, I barely could grasp the fact of how much time had flown as I spent time with her on SIF. We would do lives together, fail together, succeed together, train, sweat and laugh together, as we pushed ourselves through each level of songs. At this one time, I fell into a deep depression after believing that I have no talent for SIF despite all my hard works and trainings.

Later that night, I dreamt of being in front of the stage where Muse first performed Start:Dash. I saw Muse there, cheering me up from the stage which was then followed with them performing Start:Dash in front of my very eyes, with Umi as the center for some apparent reason... ^^" I clearly remembered what she had said to me in that dream. "You're no longer striving alone.. I'm here for you.. We're here for you.. Believe in us and believe in yourself.. And you will shine brighter than any star in the Universe! We're one with you, and now you're one with us.. Welcome to Muse!" And then, I woke up from my dream with tears falling from my cheek ;w; Thankfully, my parents didn't watch me cry at that moment, so yeah.. ouo

I believe what I'm trying to say is that the story I wrote together with Umi-chan is what I treasure the most from her. Her mere existence gave my whole life a new meaning, new dreams to strive to, and I had much more fun with her than I ever did with any imaginary characters I've met so far. I'm glad that I met Umi, and I do hope she's too ~ ^ u ^

As for some extra, her long beautiful blue hair is a big plus for me ~ Her personalities are both something I am, and something I strived to become. She's in quite a lot of ways similar to me in terms of persona. Shy.. Unable to voice her opinions and thoughts at the right time.. Strict to the rules.. And practices secretly for the upcoming future ouo

While at the same time, she also has the personas I strived to become. Strong.. Diligent.. Hardworking.. Dependable.. Artistic (In a way or two). But what I liked the most about her is her ability to become a wonderful person loved by all, both on the outside and the inside. Which got me thinking.. If another person as shy and as awkward as me can shine so bright as an individual, why couldn't I? And like what I said once to a friend of mine in this Wikia, " Seeing her shine on the stage, it only makes me want to reach her level, or better, surpass her. When I think of that, we're some kind of rival, don't you think? ^ ^ "

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Rin Hoshizora

Rin Hoshizora is an absolute angel and it goes far too unnoticed. A lot of girls struggle with feeling like they are not feminine enough, or being a tomboy and being made fun of for it, and Rin's character really allows you to relate to that. She is such a ball of sunshine and she struggles with something that so many girls do. She does end up resolving her worries and it gives a lot of people watching hope to do the same. I always have a weak spot for the characters that struggle with there presentation or are insecure about themselves because those characters are the ones you can learn things from while also relating. Not to mention she's so immensely talented and an incredible addition to u's. I'm so glad to have started Love Live and being able to fall in love with such a beautifully simple but more complex than what you can see character like Rin. She's now becomes such a big motivation in my life, and makes me so happy. She's just a whole bundle of joy who radiates positivty into not only mine, but everyone's life.


nico is literal perfection. She's got determination and she doesn't want things to get in her way. Nico cares for her family and that's even better. She is the goddess of twin tails. Nico is also the purest, as demonstrated in "Nico Nico nii~!" Nico is best and deserves love

Rice baby

hanayo is a first year who loves idols. She has dreamt of becoming one sense she was little and god little Hanayo is just as great as first year Hanayo. She is best friends with Rin and they are adorable. Hanayo wore red glasses like mine and that gave me confidence! She is very determined and cute, and she is a very very relatable person. Hanayo is often called Rice by fans because of her love for rice. That is good.

Honoka Kousaka

I new Love Live was starting to become a big thing during the summer of 2014 and I had yet to look into it, curious I looked up the music videos my first being "mogyuuto love de sekkin chu" and I was charmed by it.
What hit me the most was her, her dazzling smile and bright energetic blue eyes that were so full of emotion I instantly started to bias Honoka over everyone else.
I downloaded the game and worked my hardest to save up Loveca just so I could see her again and watched the anime.
Honoka and her strength and dedication she puts into muse she's always there for her friends and even makes time for her family is what I look up to, people call her childish but down to it she's a natural born leader, a force of nature.
It makes me sad she's not a well received person in the fandom people write her off as a basic leader type but I think she's strong so that she can be there to help everyone else, she's selfless and learns from her mistakes.
Honoka has cheered me on through countless lives and I make sure she fills up most of my teams there is just something about her voice that gives me energy to pull through hard work.
And when I was feeling alone in the world listening to "mou hitori jyanai yo" picked me out of the sad feelings cause it made me look around and see I wasn't alone and I had her cheering me on.
Honoka sees the best in people and never gives up, she shines like the sun and I only hope that I can continue to support her and all of muse cause she's helped me so much as a person.

Koizumi Hanayo

I have loved her ever since the anime first came out back in 2013. In a way I can definitely relate to her and I just love everything about her. I love how she is usually shy and quiet but when it comes to idols she gets really excited and it's so cute! It's also really cute how enthusiastic she is when it comes to rice and the fact she loves rice and other delicious food is one of the reasons I love her so much. I really love how she is always doing her best with the support from Rin and other people close to her and she is just so cute I just want to hug her! She to me is just a precious angel that deserves to be happy and she will always have my support no matter what <3 <3

What is Eli

I love Eli. Does anyone even take Eli seriously? I feel like half the time she's on screen people completely ignore her unless she's like telling them what to do. It's ok, I take you seriously Eli.

Ok but really think about it. Does Eli Ayase really act like a 17 year old? She like overcompensates for everything she does like 90% of the time. I thought she was terrible for like 8 episodes. Her jokes are terrible and she always acts like she has to poop. Maybe if she wasn't so uptight people would like her more.

I've been sitting here seriously thinking about what Eli is like and why the heck shes the best girl for me but I literally cannot come up with a single thing. It's not just because I like blonde girls. Eli Ayase has made me cry, there's no way I just like her for her hair.

I feel like she's so normal compared to everyone else, except for maybe Nico. Maybe I like Eli because she's has so much patience, like honestly, so much. She's constantly taking care of a group of children (and Umi) and somehow she doesn't completely break down. She's like a mom and a dad at the same time.

Aesthetically, Eli is really really really really pretty. Like, she looks good in really soft outfits, but can also wear pants and not look terrible. Also she has the personality of a handsom man, like the kind you'd probably see in Nicholas Sparks book. But she's not a man (thank god) she's a really pretty and feminine girl.

I like to make fun of Eli for being awful at the only thing she was supposed to do right, but it honestly breaks my heart. Eli is trying so hard at everything all at once.

Anyway I still don't really know what Eli is supposed to be besides a really responsible adult. Maybe thats all Eli is and compared to the majority of the other girls who have some sort of stereotypical personality she's kind of plain. But it's ok because I'm always going to love Eli the most. She makes me really really really happy.

I hope Eli Ayase is really really really happy too. v-522

All Nine Muse's

It's really hard for me to choose a best girl, honestly. I may be indecisive to hell but this is just one thing that seems to have me in shambles if I try to figure out who could possibly be the best over the others.

I was introduced to Love Live! by my datefriend about a month ago, actually. I've heard them talk about it a few times but I really couldn't find any context clues to knowing much about it other than seeing some people reblog Nico as their favorite on Tumblr. Once they got me to download the Love Live! game (which took hours and it was terrible to wait on) I started off with Maki as my initial rare card and was ready to start playing.

I was going through a really bad time back then. I was really vunerable, at least especially vunerable and weak, and the first song i played had my tearing up and crying. All the songs pull at my heart strings because all the voices of the girls just come together in such an uplifting hamony to me. My first day playing this was wonderful, and since then I've already gotten over level 60. It's addicting, and makes me feel good. Despite being an easily frustrated person and playing an easily frustrating game, It's just so much fun to play and see what new cards I can get and I always look forward to completing one of the Muse's sets.

I started watching the anime halfway through this month, and let me tell you, I was in tears by the fifth episode. I didn't think I'd actually get so upset over what was basically a slice of life anime. But the show was genuinely uplifting? It even talked about how idols just motivated and made people happy, every girl's personally story made me cry. They've all got what makes them so passionate about what they're doing. And being a transboy feeling gender dysphoria every day because of how feminine I am, this anime actually made me feel really good. I'm so insecure about relating myself to feminine things, but Love Live seems to help me cope with it? Almost the reverse of how Rin feels, with me wanting to be more masculine but feeling stuck feminine. Not to mention the end of the anime broke me completely, I was in tears almost throughout the entirety of the last episodes. All their stories come together in one heartbreaking end.

When I think about it, I really can't think of a best girl. I can think of who I personally think is the cutest (sort of, they're all very cute) but when you put all the girl's attributes in comparison to each other? It's like there's no competition. They're all so amazing as their own person, honestly, and they're all just so passionate. It's like in the anime, Muse's isn't Muse's without all nine, right?

Sonoda Umi

Umi is perfect. She's so underrated, but shes an actual angel.

She always looks out for her friends, making sure that they're not forgetting to take care of themselves, she also does her best for them to make sure that theyre in good shape, but at the same time, making sure that theyre comfortable in what theyre doing.
Umi really treasures her friends too, even if shes tsundere, she really loves Muse, especially Kotori and Honoka.

I also love how Umi is really shy, and even refused to wear those "idol clothes", but she still did it anyways, thats how she loved Otonokizaka and Muse. She also did her best to look for other members, especially Eli, who was really hard to approach, and that just shows how hardworking she is.

Umi is also really beautiful. She could wear whatever type of clothing it is, from traditional clothes, the clothes they wear in lives, or even just a simple shirt and jeans. She would look perfect. Her hair is also really pretty too, so thats a plus for me.

Also did I mention her voice is perfect? It might be deep, but when she sings, its like an angel came down from heaven, once I fell asleep when I was listening to her Anone Gambare solo. Its that good.

Basically, Umi is a goddess, shes perfect, and deserves more attention, I love you Umi, ur my lifesource. Umi is perfect.

Crimson-haired Goddess

One thing was certain when I first got into Love Live!: Only one girl amongst the 9 members will be the chosen one, and it was, more or less, a difficult task, given the fact that I liked all the members. I'm known for being awfully indecisive when it comes to this, and I was skeptical that the first episode of the first season will be enough to generate a full-fledged decision, and boy how wrong was I.

Initially, I was falling for Sononda Umi. Her well-disciplined yet strict manner appealed to me. I thought I'd stick to her, but then the Maki piano scene started. Such a graceful introduction is really difficult to not approve of. It was simply a clever, elaborative approach. I was staggered, just gazing at her playing 'Aishiteru Banzai!' (which is, incidentally, my favorite Love Live! song ouo) with such a honeyed, clear voice. I may as well add that I was close to tears during this scene. This 30 second scene was more than enough. Maki is the best girl, and a really admirable person.

Apart from that pious scene, Maki herself encompasses a strong, unparalleled charisma. Admittedly, she seemed like a generic tsundere, but she has a much deeper character. Having the difficulty to express herself is something I can relate to (I usually get shy when simply thanking someone ;w;). She may be a bit haughty to the point she'd start arguing with her senpais, but in actuality, she's a girl who's willing to hang out with the other members, and can get really kind-hearted from time to time. I noticed a simultaneous theme of stubbornness and shyness, which later on accelerated my adoration for Maki. ouo

Physically, Maki is such a beauty. I was instantly bought by that middle-lengthened crimson hair and violet eyes, which goes well with that conceited personality of hers.

I can reminisce a lot of moments where I laughed, smiled, and simply went haywire over Maki, either during the anime, SIF, or any other media. The interview scene was a fun little tidbit; seeing Maki sheepishly avoiding the camera was adorable. And who could not forget the pillow fight scene? This was one of the rarest moments to see Maki getting along with the other members. Getting my first Maki SR was such a golden moment, I still do treasure that card to this day.

On an end note, Maki made my life a lot more joyful. I was fervently optimistic about the many things we'll do onwards. We may cross paths someday, who knows? But there's one thing for sure: Maki will never escape the realm of my memories.

v-238LIVE ON MAKIv-238

My love for Nozomi

Well, where do I start?
I first met Nozomi around january of 2015 when I started watching the anime. It was love at first sight. To be honest, before I actuaally met Nozomi I saw some official art of her and I thought that she was a snob (I don't know why) and to this day I regret thinking that. Nozomi was the most beautiful thing that happend to me. While watching the anime, I met Nozomi more and more that I fell in love. Not just her apperance but her voice, her smile and most importantly, her personality. I felt a strong connection to Nozomi and just seeing her would bring a smile to my face. When I downloaded SIF I tried so hard to get all of the Nozomi cards so she could be proud of me. I love her so much. When I got into depression Nozomi was the light at the end of the tunnel. Just listening to u's and looking at her pictures made me realize that there is a better tomorrow. I cried a lot when I learned about Nozomi's past. I just wanted to hug the little Nozomi and tell her that everything is ok. Seeing Nozomi cry made my heart shatter. I bought a lot of merch just for Nozmi. I hope that Nozomi will be able to return my feelings one day. I would be really happy.
I love you, Nozomi!

Kotori Minami.

Oh my, just where do I start with this?

It was around this time last year, Fall 2014. How ironic!

I absolutely adore Aya Uchida's voice, and I was looking around at series where she'd voice a character in. After looking into Devil Survivor 2, (Which is a great game, Aya Uchida voices the cutest girl.) I decided to head towards Love Live!

I've never watched an anime with much singing before, so this series was a first. I was instantly drawn toward Kotori, as she was voiced by Aya Uchida.

As I watched the anime, I realized that there was just so much more to her than her voice actor. Kotori turned out to be unbelievably sweet and downright precious. She was an absolute sweetheart, and she designed the cutest outfits imaginable for all the girls in μ's!

Now, a year later, I can surely say that I'm deeply in love with Love Live! The movie premiered in my hometown Houston, Texas, and I was overjoyed to be able to go. I even got my movie SR Kotori and the Kotori shikishi, I love them very much!

This all probably sounds so silly, but Kotori just brings me so much joy, I love her very much! v-345

Nico Yazawa

The first time I heard your "Nico Nico Ni" you stole my heart. You are the cutest of all the idols. With your pigtails and your smile you steal everyones heart and enlighten our day. Self-esteem is your middle name and you care for everyone. You are even a very good chef! What can I say more about our little devil?
Nico, I love you! <3

Maki Nishikino, the tsundere princess

I am a fairly new Love Live fan, and when I saw the girls, I was caught quickly. I really didn't know who my favorite was, and Maki went unnoticed at first. Around early August, she finally got some attention... and then I was surrounded in hearts. She caught my heart, love included, and that's how my adventures with my best girl started.

Not to mention how incredibly talented she is! As the composer of u's, she really does do a great job with it. And her personality throughout the anime is beautiful, just like an actual tsundere should be portrayed. I'm also very jealous about her family's wealth... but that's a story for another day.

I've actually done several drawings of her, along with a story about me becoming Maki. To be honest, I look up to her as a savior of anime girls and actually took over my previous, 2-year long favorite anime character (Cure Moonlight Mirage, if anyone was curious) as the new favorite.

Maki is there to cheer me up in darkest of times, and I thank her for existing. <3

Rin Hoshizora

I love every single member of μ's, but Rin.....Rin means more to me than I could ever begin to express.

We are similar in a lot of ways - we have a love for cats and swimming, and we both try to be the positive voice everyone needs, even when it's hard. Other than that...I have also always struggled, afraid that if I wore the kinds of clothes I like, everyone would question me. People like to hold you to the same standards you had when you were younger, even 10 years later. I'm afraid of being the center of attention - I don't want people to think I look strange or that what I wear or what I'm doing doesn't suit me. I really understand Rin in that sense. So when I saw her being supported by everyone, told she's cute and that she's a good meant a lot to me. Seeing her finally embrace everyone's encouragement and do the things she wanted to do made me feel more confident in myself. Not to mention, she's such a positive person. I try to be like that too, but it's hard sometimes...thankfully, Rin gives me the courage to keep moving forward.

With as much as she's helped me, I want her to know how strong I think she is. She is truly amazing and inspiring to me. I'm eternally grateful to Rin for helping me become a more confident, better me. I would not be the same person had I never "met" her.

Thank you, Rin. I love you so much! <3

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Nico, I love you

I love Nico Yazawa so much. When I think of her I feel happy and at ease. I wish I could talk to her and be her friend, so I am happy for this opportunity to write to her because I can express my feelings. She means so much to me. I relate to Nico a lot, to her loneliness and her love. I feel like I really understand how she feels. Her persona that she puts on for other people, whether it’s the idol persona or when she hides her feelings by acting aloof, it’s how she presents and protects herself. Her desire to give her best and the strength of her resolve, it is her core. Her need to be adored, her friendships, it fulfills her. Why she holds on so tightly to muse, it is her miracle. I get emotional thinking about how lonely Nico felt throughout the majority of her school years. How much time she spent alone in the club room afraid to let anyone in ever again for fear of being hurt. I went through a time similar to that where I shut myself away. Love from her friends in muse saved Nico, love saved me. Muse is her precious miracle which gives her hope and so Nico represents hope to me. I love her. e-420 e-266 e-289

Maki and Umi

It's so hard to choose an absolute favorite.. although I do love Maki, Umi, Eli, Hanayo, and Kotori way more than the other girls. Out of those 5, Maki and Umi are tied for best girl for me.

With Maki, I knew she would be a great character even if she gave off a sliver of an antagonistic personality (similar to Eli from my perspective). Many people see her as a tsundere but she's so much more than that. She has such a passion for music, that only adds on to how much she cares about the girls. She's cute, she's full of personality, she has a fantastic singing voice and amazing piano/overall music skills.

With Umi, it actually took a while for me to really begin to love her. At first, she reminded me heavily of Mio Akiyama of K-ON (another favorite of mine) but there was just.. something missing. After the first season, I did like her quite a bit, but there wasn't anything special for me. The second season and the movie really brought out my love for her. The way she looks out for her friends and how she tries her hardest at everything she does is so admirable.

I see a lot of myself in them and relate very much to them, so I guess that could be a reason why I like them so much. Hell, I took up archery and piano again because of them. Regardless of that, they're amazing and it's going to be very difficult to find other characters that hold such a big place in my heart.

Nozomi Tojo

I was introduced to Love Live! thorough the tons of people who would not stop talking about it on my Twitter timeline. I eventually just gave in and went to go see what all the hype was about. When I first downloaded the game, I picked Nozomi without knowing anything about any of the girls. I guess I picked her because I thought she was the prettiest. Or maybe something about her stood out to me? I really didn't know at the time. Fast forward a few weeks later and I find out there's an anime to this game. Once I found out, I immediately watched it and that was when I was presented with the difficult choice of who my best girl would be. In all honesty, I love all of them so much and they've had such an impact on my life in so many ways, so picking a favorite was not very easy. At first it was Umi, then quickly changed after I started to get to know Nozomi better. Nozomi is so beautiful and so important to Muse as she is like a motherly figure and watches over everyone. She cares so much for them and helps guide not only Eli as the student council vice president, but Muse in general. Whenever I see Nozomi, I just can't help but smile and feel really happy inside. She has in some ways become like a beacon of hope for me. I play the game everyday, but when I'm having a bad day, going onto the app and seeing Nozomi makes me feel better instantly. It's weird, I know. Her eyes shine as bright as she does. I can't go a single day without listening to her adorable singing voice. It gives me the energy I need to get thorough my days. I always listen to Moshimo Kara Kitto when I can't sleep or I'm feeling sad, and it soothes me. In my eyes, Nozomi Tojo is so perfect and I can't describe how much I love her in just this one comment. For better or for worse, Love Live! has had such an impact on my life (and my wallet), and I am so happy to have been able to find and love a character as much as I love Nozomi.

I love you Nozomi♥

Hanayo Koizumi

I am writing about Hanayo because I just love her so much and when I see her I kinda see a bit of me. I was going to also write about Eli, however I could only write so much about her, though I could write forever about Hanayo.
Honestly, Hanayo is one of the most relatable characters for me (Honoka being a close second). Me and her both have a strong love for white rice, we're both pretty shy, and honestly watching her throughout the series I kept seeing myself. For example, when she was nervous about joining μ's and wanted Rin to join with her, I related to that a lot. When I started at my high school I wanted to do the school play (I always loved the thought of preforming), however I was extremely nervous about joining and begged my friend to come with me to sign ups, so we did and we've been in it ever since.
Honestly it was so great watching Hanayo break out of her shell with μ's. Watching her was like watching a way more cuter and talented me over my high school years. I just love how easily I have been able to relate to her. I started playing the game before watching the anime and even then, when I saw her character and read her cute little profile I just instantly fell in love with her. Mainly because her hobby was drawing and that's my hobby (and only real talent lol). Hanayo has always been my favorite girl, I love seeing her dance and sing in all the songs like a cute little princess, and be able to be open around μ's and be herself. She's just a precious little goddess who deserves to always be happy.
That is why I love Hanayo Koizumi.

To Nozobae and Eri

What can I say? At the beginning of the series they were neutral characters for me and Honoka was my favourite. But after the episode when they finally joined I literally cried. Eli and Nozomi's interaction and personalities remind me of me and my friend, and that scene in the hallway when Eli starts crying reminds me so much of an experience. Other reason to love Eli is how she controls the group, she can be the leader if she wasn't that damn busy. Nozomi also has one more trait I love about her and is her motherly attitude she is like a mother taking care of her children she knows what they are doing and what they need to succeed.

Nozomi Tojo

Oh god where do I start?

I guess it was her eyes that got me at first. That and her absolute love of astrology. My love for Nozomi began in December 2014 when I was introduced to SIF, I remember seeing her in the first episode and I had just thought to myself "woah, she's super cute." After I got the game I had immediately chosen her as my starter because who couldn't resist her adorableness? I remember hearing her past for the first time and that made me feel a little disheartened as I know someone personally who has been through something similar, I just wanted to reach into my screen and hold her hand or give her a biiiiiig hug. Have I also mentioned how unbelievably amazing her voice is? Its so sweet and nice and absolutely beautiful, a beautiful face from a beautiful girl ~ what a pair~ I also love how she is with Eli, those two, I don't know what to say but she seems to change around Eli but she changes to who I think is really her. Only Eli knew about her past till Maki was told and eventually the rest of μ's. I love and admire the trust she has for Eli. I love Nozomi so much and I can't stop looking at her gorgeous face, she is absolutely gorgeous. When someone asks me who my best girl is I will immediately say Nozomi. I remember at the Love Live movie I had to trade a Rin and a Nico for the Nozomi panel - oh how I wanted that panel - now she's on my wall in a frame so that everyone who walks into my room can admire her beauty. When people ask me why I don't have a Nozomi as my main and my UR Umi as my main I will say that 1, I don't have any non-event Nozomis (not that they aren't gorgeous I just prefer honour scouts) and 2, the Umi is my only UR *sweats nervously* um um um yeah. Nozomi Toji, the absolute beauty of μ's and honestly my favourite girl. I love her to death and I love how amazingly talented and ahhhh I can't summarise how much I love her, I love her that much ! Thank you for existing Nozomi, much love and thank you for being so perfect v-238

Rin Hoshizore

I love you,Rin! you are such a rare girl!
boyish,cute,strong, + energic = purrfect!
my heart cant move on from you even there are many animes out after μ's disbanded.can't found any girls like you anywhere!i really miss you so much! your performance was very good at "School Idol Movie". You and Kayo-chin both so adorable!

Thanks blog!



Eli! Or.. Maki! Or...

It's really hard for me to choose! I love all the girls equally in some way or another, they're all just so special to me! And just because I like to talk about myself a little, I'll just give a little blurb of a background!

I found the app game SIF after one of my close friends recommended it to me. I love rhythm games, and I considered the art style pretty cute, so I thought, why not? I've heard of LL before actually getting into it but didn't really think it was for me because I always thought I'd only get into animes with heavy action. I chose Eli for my first girl! She's always been my favorite even when I didn't know about the anime because I like the way she looks hehe... Pretty shallow, huh?
I fell in love with the game. The songs were fun, and the rhythm portion was addicting! I also adored the ambition of collecting cards, it was like the game catered to all my favorite gaming tropes!

I started watching the anime- I should mention I started watching after I had fallen into a depression over personal events that had been affecting a lot of what I thought about myself. These girls were so positive and happy, it lifted me up and made me feel better about my situation and myself.

I'll be honest, Maki is my top favorite character with Eli because I find her really cute, I don't really identify with her very much... She's just so cute to me.. So I'll talk about Eli!

I love everything about Eli. She's calm, composed, hardworking, and beautiful! I considered myself hardworking, but after meeting Eli I can only hope to be as skilled as she is! And what especially got me? Her confession towards the end of season 1, saying how despite she's calm and easygoing on the outside, she constantly second-guesses and worries. This really hit home for me! It made me feel like despite all my own self doubt and anxiety, I could work to be as cool as she was! Eli still inspires me and even though this sounds stupid, whenever I'm feeling weighed down by my busy schedule, I just think about Eli and how she'd be able to handle this, and that she'd be able to pull it off! Just like me!

I love Eli because she reminds me I can always better myself, that I can always improve, and to look good while doing it!

Nozomi Toujou

When I first started playing Love Live back around April or May I remember looking at Nozomi for the first time and thinking "wow, that's some pretty ass hair." But now that I know her more, I love her for more than just her pretty hair. She's so nice and motherly, and her voice is the cutest. We share a love for astrology too, which is a bonus ;) I relate a lot to her past too and I think watching her backstory in the anime was one of the only things that can make me cry that hard. Nozomi is a precious little angel who helped me through my depression and anxiety. I hope one day she returns my feelings. :)


I nico nico need you in my life

to the stars in the sky♥

first of all happy birthday ♥

almost a year ago i was dragged into sif hell because of my sister. she walked me through the beginning part of the game and told me to pick a idol. i asked her "which ones are off limits?" since i had friends playing sif and i was curious LMAO anyway i decided to choose rin, because she looked cute and because i didn't know who else to choose AHAHA

that was probably the strikebeststrike worst decision i made in my entire life.

from there it was a rocky start since i found her voice annoying (the initial rare card wouldnt shut up about going to the pool i was so annoyed by it AHAHA) but now one year later, i have a UR of her in my JP account, a figure (love wing bell ♥), two phone straps and a framed photo of rin UR 666 sitting in my room strikeim so embarrassing omgstrike

i love rin so so much! her positive attitude and her love for her friends inspires me to be a better person! i honestly dont know what would happen to me if i chose someone else for my starter idol (maybe i would learn to love her anyway? who knows!!)

thank you so much rin! ill always love you my shining star! v-238 v-354 v-373

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Kotobirdy baby

I love Kotori because she was a part-time cafe maid and I love cafe maids as well as her cuteness(My weakness other than princely stuff)especially that onegai and her soft and cute voice compared to the rest though me myself is a far cry from her and her imagination is very loveable as well,kawaii ii ne.
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