I'm back!

I went to Japan and Taiwan for about 3 weeks, and I'm back! Actually, I was back a few weeks ago but haven't had the time to write about it until now.

I stayed in Akihabara for 9 days and it was a load of fun looking around and shopping for figures!

I also visited some places that were shown in the Love Live and Love Live Sunshine anime series. I put a load of comparison photos in my pilgrimage log, here:


Have fun reading! On another note, I'm going to have to make some time and finally do the Umi character shrine!

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. Have a happy new year!

Eli Shrine opens! ...and that crazy Nico SIF event

Eli Shrine finally done! Just one shrine to go until all nine are done!

Whew, that SIF Nico event was completely crazy! It was a combination of a couple of things:

1. EN SIF update, which gave everyone lots of excess LP
2. The same updates also gave assignments that gave more love gems
3. The event ran over the long weekend in the U.S.

The combination of all of the above just made the scores completely nuts... I definitely will not be scoring so high in an event ever again! It was hectic but worth it... I got my SR Nico x2 by tiering T2. I love the transformed card, it's so pretty. Actually, I did have enough gems to try for T1 but my fingers are getting kinda sore by the end so I just let it go.

Congrats to everyone who tiered despite the insanity

My final score:

Pictures of my Eli, Kotori, and Rin Birthday Figures

I got my Eli / Kotori / Rin birthday figures a while ago but haven't had a chance to post pictures of them until recently.

You can see them here: http://susume-lovelive.wix.com/love-live#!goods/nsquv

Aren't they lovely? (* ´ ▽ ` *) ...I can't wait to see the rest. Honestly, I find the fact that μ's performances are largely coming to an end really kind of sad. Their last CD single just came out and their last concert is next month. I'm really finding it difficult to move on from the original group. I haven't bothered to check out LL Sunshine that much yet. Yes, I'll be watching the new anime and perhaps listen to the new group's music sooner or later but μ's will always be my first and greatest love. (T_T) μ's 4 ever!!

In other news, I just got the LL Season 2 Premium Edition English blu-ray set, so I'll be watching it to find out how those dub voices are... I'll write about that later.

Shrines for Hanayo, Kotori, and Honoka now open!

I finally got around to finishing up the shrines for the members of Printemps

Hanayo's shrine opened on her birthday, and Honoka's shrine opened on Valentine's Day.

Along with Nico, Honoka is my fav member of the group so I made sure to write up plenty of stuff for her (^∇^)ノ

Nico shrine opens! (and Maki's too)

Yay! I finally got to do Nico's Shrine. You can tell she and Honoka are my faves because their character profiles were the longest lol. Personally I really want to do Honoka's shrine but that would have to wait as there are more inputs for the other members of μ's (I did the shrines in order of the most inputs received, so Rin's came first).

As for Maki's shrine... actually it was done quite a while ago but I wasn't quite satisfied with the video background so I kept fiddling with it. I'm still not 100% loving it but hopefully Maki's fans would still like it!

Next up is Hanayo-chan! She's my fav behind Nico and Honoka, so I'll enjoy making her shrine. (mind you, I do enjoy making all of these shrines)
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